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Over the years, Alice has received awards and funding to assist with her cello studies. These included: Pearson and Trinity scholarships; awards from the Samuel Johnson Trust fund and Greenwich Blue Coat Foundation; funding from Society of Friends, UK; and individual donations from members of the Cobweb Orchestra. For all of the financial support she has received, Alice is eternally grateful.

Cello Studies

Cello teachers //


Mira Henderson 1993-2000

Elaine Ackers 2000-03

Jane Pirie 2003-06

Rosie Biss 2006-08

Joely Koos 2008-11

Naomi Butterworth 2011-13

Masterclasses & Lessons // 

Bernard Greenhouse 

Guy Johnston 

Natalie Klein 

Rivka Golani 

Zoe Martlew 

Adrian Bradbury 

Sebastian Comberti 

Anna Shuttleworth 

Ulrich Heinen 

Francis Saunders

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